In order to grow your business and attract new customers, even the tiniest details matter. Among the many facets of digital marketing, listing management is commonly overlooked, yet is the most crucial to your business’ findability. Check out the tips below to build your online presence and dominate your local market.

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The Business Listing: What Is It?

An online business listing summarizes important information for your customers. It can be a powerful tool for helping your customers find you both online and in person.

Typically, a business listing includes the name, address, phone number, and website of your company. You should also consider listing your business hours as well. Your customers will need this information to research, locate, and contact you.

How Can Accurate Listings Benefit You?

An accurate business listing has many benefits for your business. By making your listings widely available, you can direct your customers right to your door instead of hoping and praying they’ll find you. Most consumers are apprehensive about dealing with a company that has missing or incorrect listings, possibly leading them to choose your competitor instead. Correct listings also increase search engine trust and help you rank higher in the search results.

Attract More Customers

The purpose of attracting new customers is to get people who are not familiar with your brand to contact you or shop at your store.

You will probably lose a customer if they can’t find the information they are looking for or are directed to the wrong location when they try to contact you or visit you. It might not seem like a common occurrence, but actually, 71% of people report having a negative experience with a business because of incorrect information listed online.

Cultivate Loyalty

A missing or incorrect business listing can weaken your brand’s reputation and lead to miscommunication and lost opportunities. It is also confusing when there are inconsistencies.

There will be confusion among customers as to how to contact your business if there are multiple phone numbers listed online for example. Chances are if someone tries to find your business, but an incorrect listing takes them to the wrong location, they won’t return. 80% of customers completely lose trust in a business if they see an incorrect or inconsistent listing.

Increase Your Search Ranking Results

In a 2018 study, consistency in business listings was found to be the second most important factor in determining search ranking. Incomplete business listings negatively affect your search ranking results, making it harder for you to attract new customers.

Business listings can change up to multiple times a year, sometimes even by third parties! It is imperative to keep your customers informed and maintain consistency across all sources so you do not get penalized for providing contradictory information.

A business listing is all about the details. Your company’s search ranking can be affected even by something as minor as variations in street abbreviations in your listings. You might not have enough hours in a day to comb through the Internet and find missing, inaccurate, or inconsistent listings. So what should you do?

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