These days, your target market has many ways to engage with your brand. Using a fully integrated approach, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, webpages, video ads, and print ads work together to create a completely integrated marketing experience. Your marketing strategy might include email newsletters or print ads, but if you’re focusing only on one or two channels, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers. This is why you need an effective cross-channel marketing strategy.

How Does Cross-Channel Marketing Work?

The interaction between your business and your customers will occur through multiple channels, regardless of what kind of business you may own. Perhaps they saw an advertisement on Facebook, browsed your website on their smartphone, and decided to make a purchase from an app.

A website that is not mobile-compatible will suffer from the inability to provide your customers with an easy-to-use and integrated experience. By allowing customers to connect with your brand on virtually any platform, you convey your commitment to brand integrity and exceptional customer service.

What are strategies for incorporating cross-channel marketing?

There are many channels for brands to connect with their customers, however, some customers might prefer one channel over another. A good example would be if you own an online business. Customers who have a preference to purchase online are more likely to use mobile apps, so they can shop while on the go.

Look at your current metrics to determine which channels are most popular with your customers and choose the ones that best stick. It might also be helpful to do some research on your target audience to determine how to best reach them. For younger audiences, you might want to leverage mobile apps and online marketing, while for older audiences, you might want to leverage a print marketing strategy.

When can you get started?

It’s easy to get started with FineTuned Digital. We can assist you in developing a new or improved marketing strategy. Together, we will create cross-channel marketing elements that will turn your visitors into loyal customers. Here at FineTuned Digital, we aren’t just redefining marketing strategies—we’re also helping you generate new leads that will increase profits and maximize your returns. To learn how we can create a plan best suited to your business’s specific needs, reach out to us today.


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