Lead generation is vital for the development of any business, and perhaps the most proficient method for developing leads is through a great content marketing strategy. However, creating the right content strategy doesn’t necessarily mean using keywords to rank high on search engines. It’s tied in with giving your crowds and prospects important, applicable data and bits of knowledge to foster trust. Here are some content marketing tips to boost your lead generation rates.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation

According to a report, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads their biggest challenge. The purpose of creating content can be multifold and content marketing can be adopted for any of the following reasons:

  1. Introducing your brand to new audiences
  2. User engagement
  3. Increasing the customer’s knowledge of your brand/product/service
This is why one should always think of their content marketing strategy as a powerful tool for generating leads.

It is essential to focus on creating engaging and relevant content to attract your target audience. So, the smarter your content marketing strategy is, the more leads you will generate.

How Does One Generate Leads Through Content Marketing?

According to figures from Demand Metric, leads generated by content marketing are three times more effective than those generated by outbound marketing while costing a whopping 62% less. Needless to say, content marketing has become an integral part of digital experiences, with businesses having enough data to understand what type of content works and which does not.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of strategies to boost your content marketing efforts, followed by lead generation.

1. Email Marketing

The best part of email advertising strategy is that it is strong, adaptable, and quantifiable. 42% of companies consider email one of their most crucial lead generation channels. It’s an activity that allows brands to bring in new clients with minimal effort and investment. So, go ahead and capitalize on your emails!

2. Choose the Right Channels

The choice of channels to distribute your content can make or break your content marketing strategy. This is why you need to focus on platforms where your audience engages with your brand the most. For instance, if your audience likes to interact over Twitter, engage with them there, or if you see more audience response on Facebook, focus your marketing efforts there.

3. The Right SEO Strategy

It would be safe to say that search engines work as direct lead generation channels. So it is very important to use target keywords and effective links in your content. Identify keywords that your audience searches for or will search for, and then just go ahead and optimize your content to improve your visibility. However, it’s not a good idea to go overboard with the keywords because your content might not remain very user-friendly.

Creating an effective content marketing strategy for prospective leads will probably involve a lot of trial and error in the beginning.

At FineTuned Digital, we know how vital lead generation is for your small business, and that’s why we’ll take care of it for you, leaving you free to focus on running your business! Contact us today to get started!

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